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Pope Benedict XVI – 9 am Mass of Thanksgiving and Remembrance, Thursday, January 5th

Dear Brothers and Sisters, Pope Benedict XVI has passed away and entered into his eternal reward. We have lost an amazing man and pope. Billions around the world mourn his death. We will honor his memory at 9 am Mass, and our church bells will ring out to pay our respects to him on Thursday, January 5th here at Corpus Christi.

From the most eloquent words of Bishop Barron: “He was a renowned scholar and brilliant leader. He sought first and foremost to heed God’s calling, and as such, his legacy is remarkable. It is obvious that as priest, bishop, theologian, and Pope, he was a man of faith. But it is perhaps equally important to point out that he was one of the great defenders of reason on the world stage. Pope Benedict XVI had an extraordinary capacity to listen to all perspectives and then to find an illuminating synthesis, and we are all better for it. Requiescat in pace.” A collection of reflections and resources on Pope Benedict XVI can be seen here:

In Christ,

Fr. Mark Jurzyk